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Here’s what you had to say about Jazz the BROW BOSS

Jazz never ceases to provide a flawless experience!

She is my exclusive brow, lash and nail girl – the only person I trust with my brows.


Jazz is absolutely amazing!

My husband was hesitant to go at first, but now he looks forward to getting his eyebrows waxed and tinted! He is thrilled to see the greys vanish as if they never existed.

I love getting my mani/pedi and eyebrows done.

We go together and then head out to lunch and it is like our own personalized spa day.

Jazz does a fantastic job and we don’t mind the drive from London to St.Thomas.

She’s worth it!

Rita & Ed

She worked wonders on my brows!!

I know that brows aren’t supposed to match, but mine were distant cousins, three times removed instead of siblings #Metaphor. She shaped them and I love the shape of them now! Plus I got them tinted, so now they make my face!! Thanks for fixing them!!


Jazz is fantastic!

She is professional, kind and keeps everything clean. She is funny and cares about her clients and that they are truly happy with the work she has done!


I love the look of bold, well defined eyebrows which are trending right now but I had the most difficult eyebrows to work with. As if by some miracle, Jazz was able to take my pencil thin, oddly plucked eyebrows and shape them into a work of art through microblading. I’m getting compliments that they’re always on fleek now and every time I catch a glimpse of my brows in the mirror, I’m thrilled to see just how beautiful they really are! For the next 2-3 years, I’ll never have to worry about shaping them again with the exception of plucking a stray hair or two but with my busy schedule, that’s a major triumph! Jazz also provides outstanding service in a professional manner that is positive and caring so you really feel like you’re in good hands. I actually fell asleep at my most recent service which happened to be eyelash extensions because I was so comfortable and content. Her talent is amazing and her prices can’t be beat! Thanks Jazz, you are absolutely the best esthetician around! ?


She’s strictly the best in town.

Why waste your time anywhere else!


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